Re: MC 16.5 Minicell Seat

Posted by terry on Apr 21, 2005

I'm with Kurt, in that backbands are far more back-friendly than any of the stock seats (e.g., the creature comfort). I have a very bad back, and am very sensitive to back irritation and comfort.

In fact, yesterday, I threw an almost-but-not-quite-complete 14 in our nearby Rancocas Creek to enjoy the unseasonably warm day. I haven't yet rigged the band and carved the seat, so I threw in a creature comfort. After 2 hours, the old spine was moaning somethin fierce. Gotta get the back band installed.

In our MC 16.5, however, the creature comforts are great because they can be quickly shifted fore and aft to adjust for differing paddler weights or solo use and sailing. The less comfortable back support is made up for by the extra room in the boat that allows moving around to shift the pressure on the lower back. If we used carved seats and back bands, we'd be more constrained.


In Response to: Re: MC 16.5 Minicell Seat by Kurt Maurer on Apr 20, 2005