Re: sealing rigging screw

Posted by LeeG on Apr 21, 2005

That should suffice. The quick and dirty way to do it is to put some silicon sealant on screw threads and make sure the lubed threads don't strip out the soft cypress as the screw pulls down into the harder ply/epoxy deck where the shank of the screw is thicker than the threads. It's not hard to do since the resistance at the shank is noticed more than the resistance at the threads.

For a long term solution that protects the okume and possibility of waterstains I'd double check and make sure that none of the rigging screws go through the sheerclamp. It's easy to do in some places. If it has happened then squirting some unthickened epoxy in the threaded hole makes sense. Once it cures to a soft stage then put in the siliconed screw,,but don't crank it down too tight.

For folks that have rounded off the interior corner of the sheer clamps a LOT it's worth considering through deck rigging anchors since you'll seal the hole anyway. Now that the decks are glassed there's less of a reason to put 1" screws through sheer clamps.

In Response to: sealing rigging screws by Peter on Apr 20, 2005