Re: MC 16.5 Minicell Seat

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 20, 2005

Hi, Jon!

Near as I can tell, after three years in this crazy game, your situation is a tough call, no easy answers. On the one hand, there's no way a carved minicel seat can be outdone by anything else for pure tushie comfort. But that's only half the equation; you must also keep the lower back happy. And as we all know, if the lower back ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy.

In my MC13s, my first foray into kayaking, Leslie and I started out using self-inflatable seats made for SOT yaks. While they were lower-back-comfy, our fannies fared poorly. After the carved minicel seats made the scene, the SOT seats continued in their appointed duties, only became doubled-up backbands... And lo, our comfort was complete!

But this little scheme of ours - okay, mine - didn't quite play in Peoria, or I should say, in the Cormorants, when they arrived. But then, who could be surprised (in retrospect, mind you!)? The Cormorant was a whole 'nuther ball game altogether. Suddenly we were in true sea kayaks, as opposed to canoes, which is what the Mill Creeks essentially are, and so needed to develop true sea kayak handling technique. Which is why I installed full-suspension backbands, even though they looked for all the world to be dreadfully uncomfortable...

But they weren't! Why, they turned out to be better than anything ever! BUT, and again, we're talking about wholly different boats. In sea kayaks, proper paddling posture is all-important, while Mill Creek paddling is much more relaxed (in it's own way... try to follow me here... it ain't like sea kayaks are stressful).

LeeG might be proud to hear me correlate all this to bicycles; serious road bikes vs. "sport comfort" bikes. The wide seat on the comfort bike just ain't gonna do it on a road machine, and the road bike's skinny saddle... well, perhaps you begin to get the idea.

It is my opinion therefore, that you are on your own. LOL! Seriously, it sounds like you need to develop a solution for yourself, then have the satisfaction of knowing you conquered. And then, of course, pass it on freely forever after. Man, think of the KARMA!!!

The minicel buckets are good, but now you need comfy back support. Hmmm. My head has hit a roadblock (dinner's ready in other words), but maybe talking about it has inspired someone else to pipe up with a thought...?

Cheers, Kurt

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