TK-1 ain't much better

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Apr 20, 2005

I plan on getting the Raven out of dry dock this week and prepping it for my first river foray next week. I have been lucky enough not to tip yet but man, I'm ready for the Fire Department when I get it on the river next week. I'm gonna phone them and let them know that it's just ME out there and not some sorry azzed beginner flailing for his unfortunate life. You're right about speed, Kurt, these boats fly with the first coupla strokes. Problem is, I haven't really learned how to just sit there without paddling, otherwise I lose my balance and flail a lot. At least on the river I have no choice but to paddle to stay in one place. Teh spring runoff levels are high and that means lots of current. I hope the water you swam in was clean. The river here is choked with silt from the runoff waters and man, everything it wets that dries is covered with a nice super-fine coating of baby's bum river powder. I wonder if it would be good for my complexion to fall in a few times?

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: First K1 Paddling Report! by Kurt Maurer on Apr 15, 2005


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