Re: WR 18 ring bulkheads

Posted by M Davis on Apr 20, 2005

Dennis, thanks for the feedback and picture - it says a lot.

Right now I am in a thinking-chair session planning the next move.

Got the shear panels wired in last night so bulkheads are next. Not having any previuos experience to draw on I am planning on placing the cockpit bulkheads and tighening the stitches between them. Then working twords the ends.

So far the bow has a 1/2 inch peak-to-peak "S" curve in it when looking at it head-on. The-clamp-it-between-two-boards might straighten it, or not.

Worst that can happen pre-epoxey is pulling the stitches and starting over.

Any hints or shared experiences from some of you veterns out there would sure be welcome.


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