6 Kayaks on a Toyota?

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 19, 2005

I'm gettin' ready to take the show on the road, man -- check out my rig! I'm headed to the Texas Kayak Builders Bash, of course -- hope to see you there!!

Let's see, I'm totin' a Kevlar K1 Olympic single sprint kayak, and a Pygmy Osprey HP w/ homemade rudder on the racks... And on the trailer, a Guillemot, a Squeedunk Cormorant 16 hybrid, and a very custom CLC Mill Creek 13. The other MC13 is goin' with a friend, so the infamous *Pair O' Mill Creeks* will appear at the symposium together. Cool! I believe I will also get the second Cormorant on the trailer without a problem.

While I was at the park getting this picture, I took the time to get a little rolling practice in too... hey, it was HOT this afternoon! I been dinkin' around with a Greenland stick lately, and with it, managed to roll the Guilly using it, keeping both hands on the loom, or in the normal paddling postion. Heheheh. That made me happy.

Cheers, Kurt


Texas Kayak Builders Bash 2005!!!