Re: Repairing deck on MC

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 19, 2005

Scott, you said "The damage looks like someone punched the wood." If you can be more specific, please do so -- it will help considerably in getting the right answer to you. Pictures would be even better!

Failing that, I would try to lift the damaged fiberglass off the wood, and patch it. I'm thinking to carefully cut around the damaged area with a sharp box cutter, prize up a corner of the cloth, and peel it off with pliers (like skinning a catfish). Then carefully sand the edges of the remaining cloth to soften them, trying NOT to go to bare wood, then apply the patch. Or heck, forget the cloth and just epoxy over the spot.

Thing about going clean into bare wood is, you would likely get light colored patches in the final repair; and that is why I would endeavor to peel off the damaged cloth instead of sand it off. In any case, I would most definitely want to leave the original epoxy saturation (into the wood) undisturbed as the best route towards an invisible fix.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Repairing deck on MC 15 by Scott on Apr 19, 2005