Re: Cold-Shock Response?

Posted by james b on Apr 19, 2005

cold shock response thanks for the response this forum is a great learning tool. as mentioned before it is extremly sad to lose anyone. but i have seen examples also of experienced kayakers becoming over confident that also often leads to misjudging situations as well..but if this case can prevent others...i myself have been caught by that situation i knew better but being tired by a long 3 day paddle/camping trip my friends and i chanced a weather siuation where we should have stayed at the campsite safe in our tents/instead a typical 25 min crossing became a very scary situation.we survived to joke about it.. later we all realized how truly we as a group almost became a typical statistic...the waves were amazing one after another then severe wind on top of that. i was amazed at how foolish a decision we as a group had made. long post but i hope also can be a learning tool for others....james b

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