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Posted by FrankP on Apr 19, 2005

I haven't paddled it much (only demo'd it a couple of times) but the AH didn't seem to weathercock much to me. What you will notice is a "tighter" feel and a tippier ride. I can't remember how the cockpit compares, exactly but I feel like the cockpit on the AH is smaller than the Chessy, but not a difficult entry or exit.

I'm 6'1 170 with size 12-13 feet and the AH fit me really well. I felt like the Chessy LT was a little big though not as much a bathtub as it's big brothers the 17 and 18.

Comparitively, they both handlwe quite well in calmer waters. I haven't paddled either in rough seas so I can't speak to that. I personally liked the AH better because it felt "tighter" to me. My original analagy was that the AH felt like a sports car while the Chessy's all felt like family sedans. Quicker response to everything I did, a little more aggresive and a little less stable feeling, but a boat I could really grow into, instead of out of.


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