Re: Cold-Shock Response?

Posted by FrankP on Apr 19, 2005

I would suspect, more likely he had some other health issue and was already unconscious when he hit the water...even if you have Cold-Shock response, you would struggle a bit to get out of your boat, most likely, unless you had a heart attack do to the shock, or something like that.

If you inhaled a lot of water, you would cough and thrash and would likely at least look like you tried to exit your boat, even if you didn't make it out. The roport doesn't have enough detail but there is more here:

According to this, the man wasn't found in his kayak, but the other information matches up more or less. He had friends who were on the shore of the lake he was kayaking in and they knew he was in the water. Still, more detail is needed to get a full picture.


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