Re: another question

Posted by Steve Miller on Apr 17, 2005

If the label directions do not say to add thinner for normal coats (not 1st coat over bare wood) I would try mixing your first batch then start brushing it on. If it seems a tad thick to get the thin coats required then try adding the thinner to the rest of that first batch/first coat and see how it goes. Otherwise your outlined work sounds fine. Remember that you have 3 coats to learn on! I think wet sanding will work fine for you between coats. The Perfection does NOT need sanding between coats for bonding so you don't need to sand other than to clear up runs, sags and dust bunnies.

I don't use the Interthane/Perfection. I use Schooner 96 from the same company. For the 96, which is standard old fashioned varnish I do add Penetrol to help the flow, leveling and to delay the "set" time which helps keep a wet edge. Not the same as a thinner.

Be sure to post pictures of your new boat when its done!

In Response to: another question by ray on Apr 17, 2005