Re: varnish relects base

Posted by Scot on Apr 17, 2005

Well, Ray, you're after more perfection than I initially understood. The fly in the ointment here is the epoxy deck saturation. Your expensive, and tedious to apply, varnish will never give you a finish better that those three coats of epoxy saturation. You'd better really get that deck "blocked" out - not just sanded "lightly." I'd personally take this first coat of deck epoxy down real good with a medium soft block going through the grits. I'd start with 100 to 120 after I'd washed the surface of blush and crap (with water and a drop of dish soap). I'd take it to 220, and then roll and tip the next epoxy coat on. That, I'd wet sand with just 220 probably - if it came out well. Then the third coat: which should become your proper base with finish sanding. I'd be warry of going beyond the high 200's as for grit, but suit yourself.

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