another question

Posted by ray on Apr 17, 2005

This site is brilliant. Your tips are so helpful for first time builders like myself.

could i ask someone to comment on my overal painting/varnishing plan.

i now intend to rub down the whole boat to around 300 (the hull is glassed with 4 coats of epoxy). The deck has presently one coat of epoxy. I will then add 2 more coats of epoxy to the deck and sand lightly. After washing down, 4 varnish coats will be added to the deck (wet and dry in between). I will then mask of the deck and paint the hull. I intend to paint a 1 inch strip around the edges of the deck. this strip will be the same colour as the hull.

a question steve - you do not add thinners. The ocean one site recommends adding 1 part thinner to gain the right viscosity. What are your thoughts about this




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