Re: Exterior joints w Var

Posted by LeeG on Apr 16, 2005

It's kind of irrelevant what color of thickener you use for the outside joint. I don't think it's necessary to use any kind actually. If you round over the chines to any degree the inner veneer will be exposed and will show up as a darker stripe next to the exterior veneer. What I found is that it made more sense to go ahead and round over the chines without doing any kind of filling. After you've rounded it over then see if anything is needed. Most of the time a little putty filling sufficed. If you applied epoxy goop I bet you'll end up sanding 90% of it off again when you rounded the chines. If you wanted to reduce the width of the exposed inner veneer at the chine and reduce any gap filling opportunities then you could taper the inside edge where the side/bottom panels meet but it's a lot of work for little return. Just to make sure,,when you say "outside joints" do you mean the chines or the scarf joints?

In Response to: Exterior joints w Varnish by Susan on Apr 16, 2005