Re: Epoxy problems

Posted by Karl on Apr 15, 2005

I'm probably not the one to give the best advice related to epoxies, however I do know something about coatings. Generally speaking "fisheyes" are related to an improper wet out, i.e. the epoxy layer, rather than flowing across the surface evenly, is forming little "micro pools" almost like bubbles. Assuming the epoxy is good, I would blame the surface that you are coating. What did you use to wipe it down with? You should stay away from tack rags and solvents because they can coat the surface with residues that can affect the wet-out of the next layer. Water and a clean rag, or paper towels works best. It 's possible that you may need to sand this layer down and re-apply, taking care not to introduce any outside contaminants.

Above all else, stay away from any products with silicone!!! This stuff will inhabit your entire environment in no time flat. Ihope this helps, I'm sure others will chime in on this one. Good luck!

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