Re: decorative inlays

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Apr 15, 2005


You should be able to find veneers at woodworking stores (like Woodcraft) or even hobby stores.

If you want to do an onlay it may be difficult to hide the edges with just varnish coats. I built little tape dams to make epoxy transition ramps between the onlay and the deck and then buried it all underneath the deck glass. I did some badges of beech & sapele at the butt joints at the cockpit (they hide a multitude of sins) and one at the deck tip scarf joint like in the photo (the name is on rice paper which I sent through a laser printer -- the paper becomes mostly transparent when wetted out with epoxy). There are a few more photos of the actual process that might be helpful on my web site. There are probably quite a few more options and details to be found in the archives too. Good luck.


Building the CLC WR18

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