epoxy cracking

Posted by david delucia on Apr 15, 2005

i built a chesapeake 16 about 6yrs ago . the boat came out fine and the glass work fine also it set up good etc . but starting about a year and half ago cracks starting to appear on the side of the hull and then this year underneath the cracks and under the glass iam getting dark spots . i am sanding it back down to bare wood and doing it over again .i want to maintain the clear look i dont want to paint the hull. i could because i dont think this is hindering the strength of the boat. its more for appearence sake. what i would like to know are some of the things that may be causing this to happen. i believe i did everything right .the boat looked good for the first 5yrs .i am going to try to send photos of what i have . i dont know how to send the photos .i know how to email then but not how to do it here.