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Posted by terry on Apr 15, 2005


As I'm lazier than a pig's dietician, I don't exert the energy to sharpen my planes unless it's absolutely necessary. I scarf with a belt sander, check the bevel with a bevel square on occassion, and finish it with a sanding block. Practice on a few scrap pieces of plywood before trying it on the good stuff, as there is a bit of technique to using the belt sander without shredding the wood edge or making the scarf too wide

Like Steve says, always scarf and glue up "blanks" to then draw your panels on. Saves much grief if you boo-boo. This is a definite, forgiving, advantage over kit building.

My Mom always told me to wear a scarf. As with many things, I ignored her. But I do like to put them on my boats.


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