AHHH scarfing

Posted by Gober on Apr 14, 2005

I am a 1st time builder and I really enjoyed the scarfing. Take it slow and clamp the hound out of the blanks so they dont move on ya. When I started getting close I sat the ol' block plane down and picked up a sanding block to finish 'er up. So not only was it my first time to build a boat it was the first time to use a block plane. It was my wife's grandfathers plane, molded into the steel it says "1910". How lucky am I? No one in her family wanted it, or the 12in band saw or the 10 in table saw. It was all sitting right where he left it 25 years ago before he passed away. I know he is looking down thinking MAN thats a cool project for my tools.

Take it slow its easy to take more off, not so easy to add back.


In Response to: Scarfing is easy... by jahrome on Apr 14, 2005