Scarfing is easy...

Posted by jahrome on Apr 14, 2005

Honestly scarfing wood seems to be mostly a function of how sharp your plane is. It's really not that difficult. I just started another kayak this month, the first one was built from a kit, this one is going from plans. Maybe its easier to picture if you've seen a finished kit with the machine cut scarf joint. But I cut the first scarf joints recently and they didn't come out bad. I have pretty minimal woodworking experience.

One of them didn't glue up very nicely which had more to do with how the wood was clamped down than anything. Nothing a couple of nights and some surgically applied epoxy wouldn't fix. ;-) The think you'll find building is that with most of the mistakes you'll make that, is that there usually is a workaround.

I agree, the video is great, it should really help you to understand the process. Also the manual that comes with the plans is written very well, and people are always helpful for a laugh and kayak advice on the forum.

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