Re: Glass on deck?

Posted by Scot on Apr 13, 2005

(I'm assuming it's a tortured deck. If the deck has seams/joints glassing the whole thing is a lot easier and smoother than tape!) I have stated recently here that one can, and should experiment - if they enjoy that sort of thing. You could epoxy seal, varnish and use it for a year. Then, if wanted, you could sand down and glass. Personally, I'd lay that 4oz glass on there ASAP. See, epoxy, while strong molecularly, can't resist the forces of moisture movement in wood all that well. It, in reality, slows moisture trasnsfer, but does not prevent it. Fiberglass cloth creates a matrix, adding tensile strength and building barrier thickness. Moisture transfer is further limited (slowed). Of course, there's the obvious stuff like impact strength and added structural stiffness. If you're a careful builder and paddler, store the boat (rinsed off) in a garage, etc. then all these points have less impact.

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