Re: Broken Scarf

Posted by terry on Apr 13, 2005

Hey Howard, maybe check the CLC "Builder's Club" on the website to see if there are any other builders nearby that my have a few scraps of okume left over from a plans-built project. It won't take much, as those Sass panels are narrow. I have a heap in my shop loft near Philadelphia).

Another option would be to buy another sheet of plywood, expensive if it must be shipped. However, if you're within 100 miles or so of Baltimore, Harbor Sales delivers small quantities for free if it goes to a business adress (I use the local hardware store and tip the yard man).

The butt joint will work, but do let the glass cure very well before you try to bend it. You also may get a short flat spot in the panel once you wire it up, something that might be corrected by "stepping" the layers of glass as you apply it, of adding a few layers after the hull is glued up and fairing it to the curve of the hull.

Good luck finishing that lovely little boat.


In Response to: Re: Broken Scarf by Howard on Apr 12, 2005