Re: Broken Scarf

Posted by Howard on Apr 12, 2005

if you do not want to replace the pieces and find a splicing scarf too much of a hassle, you can treat this like a butt joint....

if you simply butt the pieces back together and glue with epoxy...and then reinforce the joint with glass on both the outside and inside, you will probably be fine.

other boats use this technique (no scarf)...the outside would be a layer of four to six ounce cloth at least 6 to 8 inches either side of the joint and the inside would be three to four layers of six ounce cloth with the first layer 6 to 8 inches either side with each subsequent layer moving in about 2 inches.

clc has a demonstrator arctic hawk that was apparently dropped during its construction...cracking the panels, and they just glued it back together and reinforced it with glass...hard to notice, quite frankly, unless you got up close and looked carefully.

i would still recommend, as ed suggested, checking it out with clc...but i think this will be one option they will suggest to you.


In Response to: Re: Broken Scarf by Ed, NY on Apr 12, 2005