Broken Scarf

Posted by Matty C on Apr 12, 2005


I am building the Sassafras 12 (this is the first boat i have built), and I have already messed up. I glued the scarfs and 9/10 of them were fine (one slipped a bit, but i think it will be ok). One on of them, I believe it was plank number 2 if that means anything to you, also slipped and as i was moving it, the thing broke. I thought I was being careful but i guess not careful enough. It slipped by a little less than 3/8 which for a joint this size is probably pretty significant. So now I basically have two planks that have no scarf joints. I dont know what to do or how i can remedy this. I would GREATLY appreciate any help on this.

ps I was thinking that i might try to wrap it with a little glass cloth or something