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Posted by terry on Apr 11, 2005


At the not insignificant risk of confusing you more, I note that Lee mentioned the 3/8" brass strips. Many builders use these at the highest wear areas (bottom of the bow and stern and first 18" of the keel on each end." Why? Certainly not to stroke my ego, as I've been a big proponent of these strips for years, but because they wear much, much better than multiple layers of glass, dynel or whatever and are easy to install. They may even be lighter than multiple layers of cloth and epoxy. No fairing required and they can go right over the varnish or paint.

I didn't mention the brass because I thought you where referring to the bow up near where it meets the deck, an area where brass strips are not normally installed.

If you need directions on finding and installing the strips, let me know and I'll e-mail them.

Historical point. I was at a big antique show in Philadelphia on Sat. and I saw a display model of a wooden canoe (Kennebec Co., not Old Town) made in the late 19th century. Sure enough there was a narrowed-to-scale brass rub strip protecting the entire keel all the way up to where it turns into the boat at each end.

And here I thought it was my original idea.


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