Re: reinforcing bow and s

Posted by LeeG on Apr 11, 2005

You said you cut the glass at the edge of the bow and stern? So there's no glass wrapping over the edges? Epoxy is very tough stuff and honestly most light scraping impacts are taken care of with thick fill coats on the edges that aren't sanded through prior to varnishing. But it's kind of shortchanging all that work in the middle of the bottom panels to not ensure the highest wear areas get something other than thick epoxy and a few threads of glass.

The idea with the small(1 1/2") patches of 4oz glass is that you can just lay them right over the bow and top of the stern then come back and fair it in. 6oz won't bend around as easily. It'll take some careful fairing by hand on the deck and edges but it won't be noticable when it's varnished unless you're 12" away. The idea is that when you carry around a kayak the ends will bonk something someday. So a little extra where it's needed helps to prevent waterstaining dings.

Regarding the strip up the bow,,you could cut that 3"bias cut strip into one 2" piece and one 1" piece and get more for the same amount of fairing/epoxy.

I put on a thick layer at some small areas,,not a lot of layers everywhere. You'll see after you use it a year where the wear spot is.

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