Re: reinforcing bow and s

Posted by LeeG on Apr 11, 2005

I'm refinishing a friends Ch17,,sharp bow, sharp ends,,pretty much exactly as Jon describes his. It was used a lot last summer and has two bare wood strips at the bow/stern entry where the absorbant okoume has soaked up water where there isn't any glass on the two high wear spots. I know that's not his question..I'd put on two layers of bias cut 6oz on the ends, a few layers of small 4oz pieces over a well rounded bow,,,and something like what the A.hawk uses for the high wear areas at the bow/stern. The problem is that if the builder didn't round over where the panels meet BEFORE glassing the hull it's nearly 1/4" wide and any kind of multiple layers requires LOTS of fairing on the edges. Which is a perfect place for your 3/8" wide brass strip.

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