Re: Bottom panel on MC 13

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 11, 2005

Dale, I put together a little web log of my MC13 building-from-plans adventures, check it out. Particularly, see Page 4, which deals with the stitching fun.

Since I was building two boats simultaneously, one for me and one for Leslie, every step is done a *twice*. So always watch for the second time around; it is where the real story occurs.

To answer your question directly, I agree with Steve Miller, who also kept a MC13 building-from-plans web log... but he's too modest (unlike me) to mention it. Mine is loaded with entertainment value, and results in boats that are hardly recognizable for what they're supposed to be. His contains information you can actually use, and ends up with a beautifully executed MC13. His site is linked from mine, which is linked from here - see below.

Cheers, Kurt

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