Re: "Tab & Tack"

Posted by Howard on Apr 10, 2005

if your temperature is warm enough, definitely 70 degrees +, the epoxy will be set well enough to tab one evening and fillet and tape the next evening. if there is any concern, test the tabs for firmness with a screwdriver, if you can't substantially dent the material, you are ready to go. if your shop is hovering right around 70, i would test in advance with some epoxy to see if 24 hours is enough.

however, while i think if you were starting with a wired hull, you could tab it in 2.5 hours, i think you would be a bit pressed to remove all copper, fillet and tape in 2.5 hours.

this should be done in one session...the filleting and taping...but in order to get a clean job, you want to let your fillets set-up a bit (2 hours) before starting the taping...else you tend to move your soft fillets around when taping...getting a bit of a messy effect.

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