Re: Sealed Compartments

Posted by Ken Leffert on Apr 9, 2005

Hey Mac! Its usually lots more fun NOT to follow the plans. How are you going to seal up the edges of them holes after you get them drilled?

I have hatches, but decided a few weeks ago to finally drill/fill/drill me some small vent holes in the middle of the bulkheads. Drilled the hole for the front bulkhead through the hatch opening easy enough, then realized that I needed a piece of tape on the cockpit side to keep things neat. Any intelligent person would have put a piece of tape on a stick, stuck it up in there and been done with it, but while you have trouble sticking with the plans, I have trouble doing things the easy way.....

I realized that I could get one hand (and head and shoulders, etc.) up to the bulkhead by leaving the other hand out, but once inside there, there's no way for the inside hand to come out or for the outside hand to come in without totally exiting the boat. Now, even my why-do-it-the-easy-way self wasn't going to turn the boat over for one little piece of tape, nah, just lay it on the floor, lie down on the back deck and wriggle my way up in there, one-hand first. About the time my butt plopped down inside the cockpit opening, I remembered that I'm not as agile as I was 20 years ago, or even 10. I quickly learned two things -- 1) Why you always do this with the boat upside down. 2) Its very difficult to execute even 1/4 of an eskimo roll on the dining room floor with your head in the cockpit and feet in the air! Hope this helps....

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