Re: Sealed Compartments

Posted by Mac on Apr 9, 2005

Thank's to all. I just went and looked at the forward bulkhead from inside the cockpit and, I don't need to borrow specialized tools to drill vent holes or cut out screw plates, I need to rent one of the Seven Dwarfs - preferably Dopey as he'd be the only one crazy enough to crawl in there! The bulkhead is 27" from the narrow front part of the coaming, which is 16" at its widest. I wear a 46 suit jacket so me getting my shoulders in there with the hull upside down - hoo boy.

I guess I'll get the really long 3/8" bit that I use for drilling through walls and make holes at the center of the pannel and the top near the deck. I don't think I'll drill near the keel to keep the cockpit's bilge water out at least. If I can drill close enough to the centerline of the deck, then maybe any trapped water will drain out when the kayak is inverted.

Sure wish I'd thought of this way back before the deck was on. Typical Mac move.

Doug Buddy, I asked you 'cause you're front hatchless too. I hope your aren't growing anything exotic up there that the DEA want to know about. (I can just see me going over the border into the states and the customs officer saying "OK, boy, open her up! Can't? Really? OK, we'll help ya!".

Why can't I EVER just follow the plans?

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