Re: Being Just TOO Lazy

Posted by Scot on Apr 9, 2005

Mac, My 17'"other kit brand" kayak doesn't have hatches for a bunch a reasons: weight, water spray/drag, leaking, cosmetics, strength, re-entry practice, and a few others. Now, I'd be excited to put 'em in as soon as I scheduled that multi-day trip. With three kids (one newborn), I don't have it on the calendar yet! I did put 4" screw out deck plates on my bulkheads before installing them (AND a tiny bleed air hole), so I do throw water bottles and food in there. When I'm not in the water I leave the openings off for ventilation. So, what can you do? Probably can't (easily) get holes cut in those bulkheads if they're installed. Maybe borrow a specialized hole cutting bit and drill it??? The deck plates do come smaller, too. Scot

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