Being Just TOO Lazy

Posted by Mac on Apr 9, 2005

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My deck is two piece and by good fortune, looks like it was book matched (It's actually better than some guitar backs I've seen).

The kayak would be the equivelant of a CH17 Light Light and the forward bulkhead is way forward in a needle-nosed prow. As the boat is for my little wife (who wouldn't camp in anything less than a 5 star hotel) I doubt if much cargo would ever go into the tiny front hatch. I'll bet I could get the equivalent stuff into dry bags ahead of her feet in the cockpit.

I've made the front hatch cover but of course, the wood doesn't match the deck. If down the road I need the front hatch, I can always cut one.

Also, if I get bored before I start on kayak #3, and if I get brave enough, I could attempt a flush hatch (bugger it up, and cover the hole with the original lid - smart huh?)

Meantime (oh, look, he's finally getting to the point - what a windbag!) what do y'all suggest to ventilate the sealed front end?

Mr. Judd?

Thank's for your collective patience.