Re: Where is 0 line at pa

Posted by Howard on Apr 9, 2005

i just reviewed the manual myself.

there is no zero mark on the side panels.

the only mark on the side panels is the S mark which will tell you how to align the S mark on the side panels with the bottom hull seam location when you mate the bottom to the side. (see page 66)

for whatever its worth, other than the zero mark on the bottom panel being a reference point for a temporary hull spreader, i never really understood why it was called the zero mark and all reference points taken from it. the true reference mark is the bottom seam becuase that is where all marks on the bottom are ultimatley related to from a measurement perspective.

for this boat, i often found the need to read several chapters ahead at any point in time to understand how it was going to come together...and why any of the marks were being made.

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