Re: warped hatch

Posted by Ken Leffert on Apr 7, 2005

Howdy, Ray. My hatches are both twisted, the front one a little, the rear one a tad more, but they untwist when I put them on the boat. They keep a little flexibility even when finished. They're okoume, ofcourse, I don't know about khaya. Unless they're really bad off, I'd build them, and give them a chance. You could take some steps to untwist them after they're built cured up really well if they don't workout, namely, get them belly-up on a solid worksurface, then weight them, clamp them, wedge them, duct-tape them ..... whatever you have to do to get them untwisted plus just a little more, then wetout some 6 oz. cloth to the underside of the hatch plywood in the space between the battons and let it cure. That'll hold em. Its the plywood that causes the twist, not the battons. I bet you won't have to do that, bet they work out just fine....

In Response to: warped hatch by ray on Apr 7, 2005