deck sanding/epoxy

Posted by ray on Apr 6, 2005

Hi guys

The deck is on, coaming and hatches fitted. It is starting to look like a kayak should.

I have a few questions - your thoughts as always will be much appreciated.

I have decided not to glass the deck. Partly because i have used a stronger 5 ply for the deck. I used this because i prefer its richer colour. I think the extra stength of this ply means that it is not as important for glass re-enforcement.

I also like the idea of not adding glass, i don't like using the stuff and think i am more capable of creating a better varnished finish without it.

My questions are these

1. How fine should i sand the deck before epoxying? 2. Is it possible to miss out the epoxy and just varnish? 3. Do you advise starting with the wet sanding after the first coat?


all the best