Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 6, 2005

You BET people from Arizona are welcome. Why, Arizona is one of the few places I'm aware of that's smart enough to eschew the DST horror! I not only admire, but envy, Arizonians.

And I can't wait to see what you think of paddling a kayak in actual *water*, instead of in soft desert sand.

Heheheh, juuust kiddin'. I've been to Arizona once, and know better. Shoot, a seal launch off the South Rim into the Colorado looks like it'd be a real hoot!

Be sure to pin me down and innerdooce yerself, forcibly, if necessary. I get all wound up when surrounded by wooden boats, and my brain ceases to function properly. As IF it ever does anyway.

Cheers! Kurt

In Response to: TKBB by kerry on Apr 5, 2005