paint touch up

Posted by Vic F on Apr 4, 2005

This question takes a lot of nerve... In sanding the deck near the bow scarf joint, I accidentally got into sanding a wee too much...I exposed about 2 square inches of the black glue in between the laminations. I don't think this is bad enough to be anything but cosmetic, but it hurts everytime I look at it. I am an artist, and am pretty good at matching colors and such. I am also stupid and desperate enough to try to match the wood grain in this small area (at least from a distance.) Is there a kind of paint you would recommend to try to heal this wound, painting on top of the epoxy and under the varnish? I believe oil would take too long to truly dry. What about acrylic? Another thought is a mix of nail polishes (laquers) Please forgive me for this unseemly request, o masters. What about