Re: Pax 20 , extra light

Posted by LeeG on Mar 30, 2005

QCC kayaks have the same issue with one of their kayaks and the sealine. A very simple flat plate rudder can be made out of Neckys aluminium skeg that was used for the Gannet and some other quasi-rec. kayaks simply by moving the triangular backing plate onto the deck for the through deck pivot screw and using the exising holes to screw/bolt the skeg frame onto the backing plate. The amount of rudder in the water isn't much different than the amount of Feathercraft single rudder that is in the water on a tall Ch17 aft deck. If you're feeling creative you can glue/fair a piece of wood on the skeg to make a foil. It's funny that the Pax20 has a kingplank, unlike the Pax18 it doesn't need one for the deck to bend on the foredeck. The original Pax20 like the one on the webside photos doesn't have a kingplank.

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