Re: Bulkheads In or Out?

Posted by Dave Houser on Mar 28, 2005

Here is my method: Glue the bulkhead in place no fillets. Mask the bulkhead to where the tape will end (allow for the keel and chine fillet thickness). Install the glass tape running it a few inches past its planned end up onto the bulkhead and epoxy it up to the bulkhead. After 6 hours of cure peel back the masking tape and the excess glass tape bending the rubbery epoxy at the far edge of the masking and then cut the glass/epoxy just outside of the masking tape edge. Later you can bury the cut edge in the bulkhead fillet.

I use the same trick around the entire cockpit perimeter when I glass the cockpit. Filleting last hides any glass raw edges created during trimming. If you time the trimming right you will get a very neat trim line.

The tape trick also works great trimming the deck glass where it laps onto the sides.

fiberglass tape trick

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