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Posted by LeeG on Mar 28, 2005

As john mentioned it's worth remebering to open the hatches and bulkheads when not in use. The problem is that when you get off the water THAT is exactly the time the kayak is not in use. Unless you've got waterfront property most folks put the kayaks on their car and drive home. Sitting on the car your cold kayak(water temp) is warming up. When you stop to have lunch half way back home on your three hour drive it's warming up quite well in the parking lot. Unlike sitting in your garage your kayak is getting the most exposure to heat on the drive back. So if your're tired,,and anticipating a two hr drive home and DON"T pop the hatches ,,,and especially that front bulkhead one where you CAN"t see what's inside the compartment through the Beckson hatch then you're pretty much fast on your way to a warm and steamy brew. That's my beef about Beckson hatches in the front bulkhead,,they require the same amount of discipline as float bags with none of the ease of removal. But IF you don't get sand or grit in the compartment and IF you don't have a long drive home and IF you remember to open that Beckson hatch EVERY time you get home,,,then that front deck shouldn't get a change of color at the bulkhead. call me picky,,

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