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Posted by CLC on Mar 28, 2005

>>>>>>>>>Almost, since the sheet does not conform to compound curves, there's a good chance of wrinkles.


I would gently caution against using peel-ply or polyethelene atop fillets, or any surfaces with much curve. Neither peel-ply nor polyethelene plastic will conform to a compound shape.

If you're worried about mucking up newly formed fillets by putting 'glass tape or whatever down atop them, just wait an hour or two for the fillets to solidify somewhat. Then apply the tape and wet it out, and you'll still reap the benefits of the better tape-to-fillet bond you get when the fillet epoxy has not yet cured.

Peel-ply is remarkable for creating perfectly uniform fiberglass-epoxy skins on flat surfaces or surfaces with very little curve. (The common application is the prefabrication of composite panel sandwiches, often beneath vacuum bags.)

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