Re: Question about glass

Posted by Laszlo on Mar 28, 2005


However you do it, anywhere you have tape there should be a fillet that keeps the tape's bending radius to 3/8" or less (about like wrapping the tape around the circumference of a nickel). A sharper curve than that will stress the tape excessively and probably pull away and have bubbles. All in all, a lousy seam.

A third possibility (Doug = don't worry, the end-pour will take care of it, Howard = get that glass in there) is to shape a piece of wood so that it roughly fits in the gap and bed it in epoxy/woodflour mix. This replaces the endpour with a solid piece of wood (which is lighter and cheaper than epoxy). Now, you can put small fillets along the edges of the wood and easily apply the glass tape.

Hope we're not overwhelming you :-)


In Response to: Question about glass tape by Matt Croce on Mar 27, 2005