Re: Question about glass

Posted by Howard on Mar 28, 2005

i would tape all the way to the bow.

easiest to do it is by cutting a seperate piece of tape slightly longer than the distance from the bow knuckle (where the bow line meets the keel line) to the bow tip and placing that over the fillet. so you use a seperate piece of tape, but slightly overlapped with the tape you used for the keel becuase trying to do it with one piece, in my oppinion, is a bear.

you don't need a lot of material to create an appropriate sized fillet given how narrow the area is. 1/2 inch radius will do. pre-wet the glass and push it into the fillet after the fillet is just starting to the easiest way i have found to do it.

you will need to use your gloved hands and a foam brush to finish off the job.

again, you dont need a lot of material...but you need glass there.

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