Candid tale

Posted by Scot on Mar 26, 2005

Lee, good point about flooded cockpits! I was alone in the surf (off a reef) on a cold winter day (San Diego, CA though...), trying out my very new Arctic Tern 17. Well, it loved to take off surfing and I got stupidly braver and braver, until I was right on the break. It shot off on a large wave so well I was caught behind the action and rolled right over. The cold water and my stupidity shocked me, and my first roll attempt was awful. I drank a mouthful of water and bailed out. Well, now I was off shore quite a ways with a flooded boat and had to get out of there fast. I reentered easily (luckily) and paddled like mad as I was assulted by the set. I didn't have the time or the composure to pump the hull out. Besides, my pump was not properly stowed on deck. Oh, man, that was an eye opener. I made it out, lucky, because I wasn't with a paddling buddy if things had gotten worse. I headed for the beach to bail out. In the small beach break my high brace was inadequate and I went over on my side (into the wave) and decided to pop out. It was shallow and I was unconcerned. Well, that now very heavy boat kept going and I wrenched my shin as I slid out. I was unhurt, but it was series of dumb mistakes. I promised myself to "stay current" in smaller waves with other paddlers or surfers around. I also realized my water confidence didn't stay up as I had aged since my former wave riding days in Hawaii! The ocean does not tolerate over-confidence, does it?

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