Avoiding the mess

Posted by Howard on Mar 26, 2005


what lazlo is referring to is avoid cutting fibrglass in a way that leaves unprotected threads....that becomes a "snotlike" mess when they become loose while wetting out cloth.

a simple example...lets say you needed to put down 3 feet of tape.

just to the outside of the 3 foot mark, put a 1'wide piece of masking tape across the tape. then cut the glass at the 3 feet 1/2 inch line ..cutting through the tape. now place the glass...and wet it out. the masking tape keeps the threads that are parrallel to the cut from coming off your tape as you stroke epoxy accross it to wet it out. (avoiding the snot like mess).

now when the epoxy is green....(slightly cured) pick us the remaining 1/2inch strip of glass with the masking tape still affixed to it...and cut it clean with a razor. and then pat down the end of cut piece of cloth back against the surface. (with maybe another drop of epoxy).

i find this method a bit more useful on large swatches of cloth...and don't use it when working with tape...but if you want perfect edges and to avoid a snot-like mess, it is a an approach that can be used pretty successfully.

hope that helped.


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