Re: Sheer Clamp Wood Type

Posted by Mark Camp on Mar 26, 2005

I agree that handling of a kayak is very much affected by weight, but I think you are assuming that means the lighter a kayak is in the water, the better it handles. That is not universally true.

The correct statement, somewhat oversimplifed, is that is that each kayak handles best when it is floating to a certain waterline. If the boat was well-designed, this is usually the load waterline ("LWL") or design waterline ("DWL"), or something close to it.

Floating too high, you need to add MORE weight to get it to handle well, not less. Floating "by the stern" you need to move the weight forward, and so on.

In Response to: Re: Sheer Clamp Wood Type by Scot on Mar 25, 2005