Re: Bulkheads In or Out?

Posted by Scot on Mar 26, 2005

Matt, two opinions worth what you paid for 'em: the other posts are correct, you could tape with or without the bulkhead - strong enough either way. Cleaner and probably a bit lighter without bulkheads, although I wouldn't try one continuous length of tape. I like to do it with three lengths (overlapping each about 1"). About the neat tape technique: are you sure it wasn't "peel ply" that you saw as opposed to plastic? Peel ply is great for producing a neat taped fillet, but might be a bit tougher than it should be with our tiny fillets. Peel ply is basically finely woven nylon cloth - dress lining. Boatbuilders leave it on as long as they can because when it is ripped off one has a contaminant free bonding surface - besides being neat looking. Also is used when vacuum bagging. Sam Devlin's (good) book "Devlin's Boat Building" covers peel ply as well.

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