Re: Bulkheads In or Out?

Posted by Matt Croce on Mar 26, 2005

Hey, I'm all up for not having my glass unravel, but I don't quite understand Lazlo's description of where the tape goes and where to cut -- are you covering all of the fiberglass tape with masking tape, or just the edges? Before or after it's wet out?

I was planning on using a technique I saw being used on composite aircraft -- cut a piece of plastic slightly larger than the glass tape, and wet the tape out on the piece of plastic, away from the kayak, and then lay it on the fillet, and pull the plastic when the epoxy is green. Has anyone tried it this way before? Will it accomplish the same thing as the masking tape technique that Lazlo described?

Thanks Matt

In Response to: Re: Bulkheads In or Out? by Laszlo on Mar 26, 2005