Re: Sheer Clamp Wood Type

Posted by Scot on Mar 25, 2005

Sitka Spruce, I used it for the sheer clamp on my last kayak (for my daughter). Go for it! I wouldn't go to Aircraft Spruce or anything like that; you won't need aircraft grade (which is a mil spec grade primarily measuring rings per inch and grain runout). Use it if you've got some handy-doesn't take much. If I recall I pared it down to not far off of 3/4" X 1/2". I saved all that weight then got lazy and put the deck down with bronze staples! (They look good, surprisingly.) I think every ounce saved in construction pays off when you're paddling - racing or not. Weight in the ends really impacts handling. Tape a dive weight on each end of your kayak and check out the difference! Keep in mind Pygmy kayaks use no sheer clamp at all and it works out quite well as designed. (They do not employ a tortured deck, though!)

In Response to: Sheer Clamp Wood Type by Chuck on Mar 24, 2005